Our Services

SIA "AB Intelligence Services" is a company that offers its clients Detective, business security services and provides Legal advice to both individuals and legal entities.

The tasks assigned to us are performed with high quality and professionally. We work with each client individually. We guarantee the confidentiality of information.

We provide our services globally.

Investigation services:

  • Trademark protection;
  • Conducting test purchases, including B2B;
  • We collect information in civil and criminal cases;
  • We are looking for people who have committed a crime or are missing;
  • We find out facts, things or people related to criminal activity;
  • We provide consultations to individuals and legal entities on security issues
  • We find out the facts of unfair competition, illegal commercial activity or other illegal economic activity;
  • We collect personal information before concluding an employment contract or other civil law contract and information about the person's solvency;
  • Due Diligence;
  • We are looking for property lost or illegally alienated by individuals and legal entities;
  • Find out who your child has been in contact with and what they do in their free time;
  • Obtaining information about adultery;
  • We offer full-service intellectual property protection;
  • Control of employees' compliance with their duties and absence from the workplace under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Observation of valuable cargo;
  • Security audit;

Legal Services:

  • Representation of clients' interests;
  • Consultations in criminal proceedings;
  • Representation of victims in criminal proceedings;
  • Intellectual property rights;
  • Medical law;
  • Administrative law;
  • Insurance law;
  • Preparation of contracts;
  • Sanction consultation;